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Year of the Snake Stamps

2025: The Year of Intuition

This set of six collectible stamps were created for the Year of the Snake coming up in 2025. Snakes are believed to be graceful, calm and expressive. As people, they are dedicated, conscientious, energetic, easy-going, indecisive, narrow-minded and suspicious. Snakes are a symbol of good luck and honour in China.

Project Objective

Following the natural process of postage stamp designs, this set of six collectible stamps was thought out from beginning to end going through traditional media ideation and leading into a finalized digital design.



These dynamic stamps are sold in a collectors book, or in sheets of 25, 10 and 6. Each snake has a unique design creating interest and versatility


These stamps were initially completed using Pigma Micron Pens and watercolour paint. Then they were digitized to become the final product.

The Final Designs

After the initial stamps were designed, they were brought into Adobe Illustrator to complete the final product.

Digitized Stamps

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