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Punch Line

Have Fun With No Regrets

Punch Line is a unique cocktail company that focuses on healthier lifestyles and sustainability providing a naturally tasty alcoholic alternative that you can feel good about drinking! The beverages are created with the pressed juice of fresh fruits from Arden's Garden with an added kick of vodka from St. Georges Spirits to allow any health conscious person to drink responsibly. The products biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials allows the individual to be confident knowing that it's safely returned to the earth!

The branding and website for this project were co-designed by Quinton Binnell, Jewly'hana Groshok and Paula Andrea Sabogal.

Problem Statement

There is a lack of alcoholic beverages that are healthy and environmentally friendly to appeal to the health conscious consumers working to better their mental and physical health. These people are searching for a way to participate in drinking while not straying from their health goals.



Punch Line is a healthier cocktail alternative than the leading brands. The company is built on the belief that the key to a happy life is a healthy diet, large amounts of fun, and a clear conscience!

Pack a Punch!

Punch Line's packaging is made from recycled materials that are biodegradable, adhered with eco-conscious adhesives, and printed using earth-friendly inks.


Punch Line's vision is to inspire employees, customers, and competitors
to strive for environmentally safe practices and healthier dietary choices.

Packaging Design

Website Walkthrough

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