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Harry Styles Card Deck

You're So Golden

This fully designed card deck features pop culture icon, singer-song writer Harry Styles. Included in this card deck is a die-cut box revealing the back of the card deck, four new card suits based on Harry Styles' songs, and customized face cards.

Problem Statement

The face cards in a card deck are associated with gender: the king and jack are associated with the male gender and the queen is associated with the female gender.

Card Deck-Long.jpg
4 Card Layout Long-Transparent.png


Harry Styles has been known for breaking the gender stereotypes, making him ideal for the subject of a card deck opposing gender stereotypes. 

The Card Deck

The Kiwi, Cherry, Watermelon and Strawberry are used as each suit to allow the users to decide how they want to play. This 54-card deck is playable but is also a collectable item. 

The Card Deck

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