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Rhapsody Dance Project

Inspire. Create. Dance.

Rhapsody Dance Project is a developing local artistic project aimed to provide an opportunity to experienced young adult dancers to explore movement and expression through dance. Our goal is to help dancers who are not affiliated with professional programs to collaborate with peers and participate in the creative process to choreograph, rehearse and perform their own pieces.

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Why Rhapsody?

We recognized that there was a lack of dance and performance opportunities for dancers after high-school. Dance has an impact on mental and physical well-being that should continue into post-secondary. Creativity and movement should remain a priority when dance is a form of self-expression.

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Established in 2022, Rhapsody Dance Project hosts drop-in dance classes throughout the year, and organizes an annual summer showcase to provide opportunities for dancers that work with their commitment levels.

The Design

For this project, social media and marketing assets are created for the drop-in classes and the summer showcase including photography, posters and social media graphics.




Social Media

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