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Black Lives Matter x The  Dance Community

A magazine entitled Balletto was created using professional imagery from Ballet Rosa. An article by was chosen to focus on issues in the dance world as it related to topics that are being talked about in the world, especially surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter x
The Dance Community

The Black Lives Matter movement had an impact on many individuals and trickled down to the dance community and the manufacturing companies. For many years these manufacturers product ranges were not inclusive to dancers of all skin tones.



Inspired by A Call for Inclusive Dancewear by Inspirations Dancewear, this dance magazine entitled Balletto combines imagery from Ballet Rosa and copy from huffingtonpost to talk about expanding the colour palette of dance and its uniform.


You can view the different layouts below that were created to play with composition and depth.

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Three double page spreads, and the magazine cover were layed out for this editorial piece. 

The Magazine

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