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Doodles By: You

Studies show that paper planners are more beneficial than digital planners because it increases focus, helps individuals remember things better, reduce stress, and increase motivation. This subscription box includes a hand-drawn bullet journal, so it can be utilized immediately, with a stylized cover, a washi tape, and a sheet of stickers to match the theme of the subscription box. The different themes each month add another positive element to habit tracking and staying organized.

Monthly Themes

Each journal is personalized based on the themes that the individual chooses. The colour choices will match the cover of the journal, and the washi tape & stickers will match the themes drawn in the journal.

Subscription Boxes

Five themed shipping boxes have been created for this design. Each box would be sent based on the season; the light blue would be sent in January, the yellow would be sent in May, the orange in August, the red in November, and the dark blue would be sent as a special package.

Washi Tapes

Based on the themes of each month, a total of 10 washi tapes would be shipped in the subscription box. In this specific set, only half of the washi tapes are displayed, they pull from the direct elements of the themes. They come in different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inch.